Who is Pleysier Web Solutions ?


In 2001, a small business, contracted by the VACC (Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) to establish Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Control Systems, called Ben Pleysier to seek his assistance for an on-line solution. The system that evolved, allowed VACC members to log into their own section of the site to record and archive all of the data that was necessary for a legally binding System.

This event marked the birth of Pleysier Web Solutions.

Since then, Pleysier Web Solutions have gone on to design and develop many web sites, both in Australia and abroad ranging from simple static sites to very complex database driven and Content Management System (CMS) sites.

Mission Statement

Pleysier Web Solutions strives to develop quality web sites, using the latest available visual and Search Engine Optimisation techniques at an affordable price.


Over the years, Pleysier Web Solutions has designed and developed for various individuals and businesses, each with their own unique needs. We have developed sites that are heavily database driven for the Motor Sport, Farm Machinery dealers and Automotive industry; we have developed sites of an eCommerce nature, complete with payments systems and we have developed static sites for those that just wanted to be represented on the World Wide Web.

During the years, it has become apparent that those needs are constantly changing. Gone are the days of the solitary 800x600 display screens. We are now faced with screen sizes ranging from 320x200px (mobile devices) to 2560x2048px (OSXGA). Many web developers have not caught up with this phenomenon.

At Pleysier Web Solutions, we are constantly at the leading edge by applying the latest technologies. Our latest web sites are developed using Responsive Web Design that are compatible for all present and future devices.